1. When and where will the next EAA Annual Congress take place?

Most probably on 26-28 May 2021 in Bucharest, Romania (to be confirmed).

  1. What happens to my accepted paper?

Your paper will be automatically rolled over to next year. Should you wish to upload an updated version of your 2020 paper (and we strongly encourage you to), you can do so when the submission platform will be opened anew. Your paper will have to have the identical title, and you will have to check a box saying “this is my 2020 submission”. Your paper will then undergo a simplified, “friendly” review process, but the decision to accept it will stand.

  1. What happens to my registration for the congress?

In accordance with our cancellation policy here, EAA will retain the entire registration fee to use it for the 2021 congress. You will automatically be considered as congress delegate for the next congress (after paying in Feb. 2021 only the EAA membership fee for 2022). Please bear in mind that to date all the venues for 2020 have been confirmed for next year, so a comparable experience is expected for 2021.

  1. What is the refund policy if I cannot/will not attend the conference next year?

In case you can or will not attend the conference next year, you can claim your 2020 registration fee back by contacting Marion Hebbelynck (marion.hebbelynck@eiasm.be). Please be advised that, in accordance with our cancellation policy here, the EAA will retain 75 Euros (plus any bank transfer costs) in order to cover some of the unavoidably incurred costs. We regret this, but since preparations for the congress were so advanced, some costs had already been incurred without any possibility to refund them. Actually, the charge is rather low, because the congress was rolled over to next year, and most suppliers agreed to waive stiff penalties for cancellation. Also, please note that this fee is a relaxation of the EAA’s author cancellation policy, stating that 50% of the registration fee should have been retained for cancellations before May 7, 2020.

  1. Can I keep my registration for the congress and withdraw my accepted paper?

Yes. This is particularly the case when you wish to submit a new paper or attend without a paper.

  1. Can I keep my accepted paper (for a co-author to present) and cancel my registration?

Yes. This is particularly necessary whenever authors will be unable to attend next year. In this case, please note that 75 Euros (plus any bank transfer costs) will be retained by EAA to cover the incurred costs (see question 3 above). The scheduling of the paper in the program depends on a new registration by Feb. 2021 of a new presenting author for the next congress.

  1. I registered as a PhD student, but I will graduate before next year’s congress. What happens with my registration and my PhD discount?

All PhD student registrations will be rolled over to the 2021 congress and you will be able to attend with the lower fee (PhD discount), just as you would have been in 2020. The refund policy under question 3 also applies to you.

  1. What about my 2021 membership fee?

As EAA membership entails benefits other than the right to submit a paper to the Annual Congress (such as a newsletter, access to its Accounting Resources Centre platform, access to the Association’s journals – European Accounting Review and Accounting in Europe), the membership fee will not be refunded. We are considering several new initiatives to increase the value we offer to our members.

  1. I was accepted for the doctoral colloquium. What happens to it?

The EAA Doctoral Colloquium will not take place in 2020. PhD students accepted for the Doctoral Colloquium, as well as Doctoral Colloquium faculty, will be contacted by the Doctoral Colloquium co-chairs.

  1. What happens to my flight, accommodation, and travel costs?

You are asked to check with your airline company/travel agency to explore the possibilities of refund or rebooking. As for your hotel reservation, please contact the accommodation facilities where you have made your booking to see if the reservation could be moved to next year.

  1. Can I submit a new paper and receive feedback next year, even though I had a different paper accepted this year?

Yes. We are pleased to give this opportunity to our members to submit new papers for the EAA 2021 in Bucharest. Please bear in mind that the “one paper one presenting author” policy still applies, and you should inform the EAA Executive Secretary whether you would like withdraw your accepted paper and submit a new one.

  1. I have already requested a refund. What do I do if I wish to re-insert my paper in the programme?

You will need to inform the EAA Executive Secretary about it and you will have to settle the difference for the conference registration fee.

  1. My paper has been accepted but I have not registered for the conference. Can I still register and have my paper included in the conference programme for next year?

Yes. You can still register when the submission platform is re-opened and inform the EAA Executive Secretary when your registration is complete. Should you wish you upload an updated version of your paper (which is encouraged), you will be able to do so when the submission platform is open.

  1. When will the submission platform be open?

The EAA plans to resume the regular procedure as usual. The deadline for submitting your paper will most likely be 1 December 2020.